To engage and empower youth in conservation education, action, climate sustainability and social change through the visual medium; and create a digital resource bank for wildlife, environment and indigenous knowledge. Through this process - initiate sustainable, alternate and aspirational livelihoods for individuals and the community that help build local economy and enterprise, with conservation of natural resources and community wellbeing at the core of it. 


Develop the power of youth as change-makers, and reach a critical mass of Green Hub Fellows to affect systemic change that looks at ecological security as the bedrock of sustainable and healthy economy.  Scale up ideas and action for a socially equitable and ecologically sustainable future for all, exploring and integrating technology as an accelerator. 


A Fellowship for youth across the northeast, and subsequently other regions of India. The Green Hub Fellowship involves learning technical aspects of filming, editing, and storytelling; bringing to life untold stories of the land, people and generational knowledge. Representing remote tribal areas, marginalized communities as well as urban spaces - the Green Hub Fellows are envisioned to be catalysts of positive change, amplifying the idea of ecological security as the bedrock of a sustainable future. The Fellowship engagement continues to flow into the alumni network and the impact on the ground.


Green Hub started as a collaborative initiative of North East Network (NEN) and Dusty Foot Productions (DFP). The office was first set up in December 2014 in Tezpur, in the premises of ‘Jonak’, a home built by H.N Agarwala and Padma Agarwala. In earlier times the main hall was often used for film screenings for the family and neighbouring friends. To begin here was in some way destined, and is a blessing. The Green Hub project continues in the northeast as a partnership between NEN and Dusty Foot Foundation (DFF). Green Hub models are in the process of being set up in collaboration with other partner organisations in key geographical areas of India,
starting October 2020. 

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Dr. Monisha Behal

Founding director  of North East Network (NEN), ‘Ben B’ as she is referred to by most, has pioneered several projects related to women’s development in the Northeast of India, and is one of the leading voices for women’s rights in India. She has travelled extensively in rural areas of the Northeast and written several papers highlighting issues around women. Ben loves music, animals and driving, and continues to work tirelessly travelling between the NEN Centres. For the Green Hub, Ben has been the big rock of support, and is a constant inspiration.

Rita Banerji

Founder and Project Director of the Green Hub Project, Rita is one of the leading environment filmmakers in India and an Ashoka Fellow ttps://www.ashoka.org/en-in/fellow/rita-banerji). Her work is grounded in using visual communication as a tool for conservation-based storytelling. She has been  part of three Panda award winning films, including ‘The Wild Meat Trail’ in 2010, that kickstarted the outreach work in the northeast of india. She was awarded the National Geographic - CMS Prithvi Ratna award in 2017 and the RBS Earth Hero award in 2018 for her contribution to environment conservation through films. Rita also loves sports, listening to music, travelling, reading graphic novels and drinking tea.

Imrana Khan

Imrana moved to Tezpur from Delhi in January 2015, and for 2 years was a part of the core team that helped set up Green Hub. She contributed to the growth of the Green Hub program and also initiated the Green Hub Festival which has become an annual event. Imrana has been with Dusty Foot since 2007 and has worked in multiple capacities in both content generation and management of the organization.  In 2018 she was awarded the WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarship for Nature Conservation, and The People and Nature Fund Fellowship 2018 for the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) - an international and executive program on Sustainable Environmental Management, College of Natural Resources, University of California, Berkeley, USA. Imrana is currently Director, Dusty Foot Productions (DFP) and is based in Delhi.

Bonti Saikia

Bonty grew up in Shillong, and then spent many years in the tea gardens of Assam – involving herself in landscaping, growing flowers and vegetables and baking. She joined Green Hub in April 2015 and is now the  Senior Programme Associate and Administrator. 

Bonty is the heart and soul of Green Hub being the connect point for hundreds of applicants and fellows as well as the organisations working with Green Hub across the region, popularly known as ‘Bonty Mam’. Bonty extends 

She loves travelling, gardening, music and sports .

Bharati Sharma.JPG

Bharti Sharma

Bharati, joined first as an intern soon after completing a B. Com in Management from Darrang College, and then again post her Master’s in Social Work at Dibrugarh University in  September 2017. Bharati looks at the programming at Green Hub. While having an easy nature, Bharati is meticulous and independent in her thinking. She is able to value add to projects and is very dependable. Bharati loves to learn new things and enjoys reading, travelling, gardening and watching films.

Neeharika Hazarika

Neeharika has been with Green Hub since April 2016. She assists the admin as well as the programming team ensuring the smooth functioning of the everyday logistics of the fellowship program. She completed her graduation from Darrang College in Assamese Literature and  earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism at Cotton College, Guwahati. She has also completed a M.A. in Rural Development from IGNOU. Neeharika is a  trained Bihu and Kshatriya dancer and it does not take much for her to break into a dance at any point of the day. She is also a talented writer, penning stories and poetry in Assamese.
Arpana Choudhury.JPG

Arpana Choudhury

Arpana joined Green Hub in April 2018 as a Program Associate. She is a Postgraduate in Mass Communication and Journalism from Tezpur University. Apart from her work in Green Hub, Arpana initiated  the first dialogue on LGBTQIA+ rights in Tezpur, Assam, and is now expanding this work  through her organisation Xobdo.  In February 2017 Forbes India recognized Arpana as the 30 most influential young personalities of India in its 30 under 30 list - but this self-declared 19-year-old (at heart!) prefers to remain outside the limelight and works her magic in Green Hub. She loves travelling, cycling, eating, cooking and watching films.
Subham Biswas.JPG

Subham Biswas

Subham, joined Green Hub in  September 2018, as the Accounts Officer. He did his  B. Com Accountancy Major from Darrang College,Tezpur. While his first love remains crunching away at numbers, he likes to explore fields different than his own. He loves traveling and experiencing new things. He loves  badminton,  cricket and   listening to romantic Bollywood songs. Shubham is well known in Green Hub  for his ineffective jokes and infectious laughter, keeping everyone’s spirits up.
Riksundar Dutta.jpg

Riksundar Dutta

Rik, started working with Green Hub in November 2018 and is currently Assistant Administrator and Accountant. He supports both the accounts and admin teams, ensuring smooth operations in the office. Rik completed his B. Com at Darrang College, Tezpur. With his shy smile,  Rik is a deceptively quiet presence at the office, growing a reputation for pranking his friends in the most unexpected ways and all the  while keeping a straight face. A multi tasker Rik has a ‘can do’ attitude for everything and is a dependable support system for Green Hub. He loves sports, driving, and food!

Krishna Upadhyay

Krishnaji as he is referred to by most, is the security in-charge for the Green Hub campus. He joined in October 2015 after having served forty years as a Warden and a Hindi teacher  in  Ramakrishna Mission School, Alo , Arunachal Pradesh. The Green Hub program runs 24/7 and Krishnaji’s steady presence over the years has ensured a sense of security , overseeing the fellows coming in and out of the edit rooms during late night shifts, and taking rounds of the hostel. He likes to ensure that each fellow on campus is well looked-after, remembering each person by name and seeing to it that everyone has eaten their dinner. All batches have special stories to share about their time with Krishna ji. Krishna ji loved playing football, he loves to dance and sing. 

Ruma Choudhuri

Ruma is this lively presence in Green Hub with a constant smile and ‘happy to do’ attitude. She has been with Green Hub right from the start and responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the Green Hub campus.  Born in Khanamukh, she went to Khanamukh High School but could not continue with her studies. An  extremely sincere and hard worker, Ruma’s main focus is providing a good education for her children. Her cups of tea are in great demand at Green Hub. 
Rama Devi.JPG

Rama Devi

Rama has been with Green Hub since 2018. She is part-time and helps Ruma with her work. A quiet presence Rama is a happy addition to the team. 

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