What is Green Hub?

The first youth and community based fellowship and video documentation centre (Digital archive), for work related to wildlife, environment and indigenous knowledge, in the northeast of India.


To engage and empower the youth and community in conservation of biodiversity in the North East Region (NER), through an innovative model of using the visual medium; and open avenues for wider exposure and integration with livelihood options – triggering ideas and action for a more socially equitable and ecologically sustainable future in the region.


To create and enable a more sustainable and equitable future for the youth in the North East Region by strengthening livelihood through protection of their natural resources, rather than destroying them.


George Schaller

Known as one of the founding fathers of wildlife conservation, Dr. George Schaller now serves as the Vice President of Panthera. He has spent most of his time studying wildlife in Asia, Africa and South America. He has led seminal studies and helped protect, some of the planet’s most endangered and iconic animals ranging from the mountain gorilla in present Democratic Republic of the Congo, snow leopards in Mongolia, jaguars in Brazil, giant pandas in China, tigers in India, lions in Tanzania, wild sheep and goats of the Himalaya. These animals have been the basis for his scientific and popular writings includes 16 books, among them are The Year of the Gorilla, The Serengeti Lion, The Last Panda and Tibet’s Hidden Wilderness. National Geographic conferred its Lifetime Achievement Award upon him in 2007. He is also the winner of several other prestigious awards.
Dr. Schaller has been an inspiration for Green Hub, with his unending work on conservation. He first came to the north-eastern part of India back in the early 1960s. He says “Just to stand here is privilege that makes you feel good.” He visited Green Hub in February 2017, and travelled to Garo Hills and Pakke along with the Green Hub team. One reason he came to northeast India was Green Hub. He is impressed by what Green Hub is doing and wanted to learn, what all and how they are doing it.
He mention, forest are critical ones in north-eastern India. It is the best forest areas left in India. And now is the time to protect them. Cooperation with forestry department and others, plus working with communities is important to create awareness about conservation and cooperation. Dr. Schaller hopes to have more wide spread woods, not just in northeast India but in more and more states of India. He is impressed by the beautiful unlogged forest that India needs to keep for future generations to actually see what a forest is like and take their children and get them excited.
He states “We have got to keep fighting on and on and on. You can never turn your back if you treasure something. The minute you turn your back, somebody will destroy it.”


Adil Husain

Adil was born in Assam, a North-eastern state of India and is currently based in New Delhi. Since his childhood, he acted in many plays and later appeared in television, film, radio plays and stand-up comedy performances. He was awarded a scholarship to study acting at the National School of Drama, New Delhi and then went on to England for further training at the Drama Studio London, London. He pursued his acting training under the guidance of his teachers Khalid Tyabjiand Shaupon Boshu. In 1997 and in 2007 he played the lead actor in a production called ‘The Moeder India’ produced by the International Dan theatre, Holland. He became well known in India as a stage actor after his internationally acclaimed performance as Othello in Roysten Abel’s production of ‘Othello- A play in Black and White’ which was awarded a Fringe First in 1999. Later he played lead roles in television series and independent film productions such as ‘Jasoos Vijay’, ‘In Othello’, ‘ltiSrikanto’, ‘For Real’ etc.
He entered into the Hindi film industry with his roles in ‘lshqiya’ and then in ‘Agent Vinod’. His role in the Indo-Italian production of ‘Gangor’ was praised highly by the Hollywood Reporter in 2010. His first Hollywood production was ‘Life of Pi’ directed by Ang Lee, where he plays Pi’s father.
Apart from being an actor, he has regularly engaged as a work-leader with young actors to share his experiences at the National School of Drama, New Delhi and at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. He started acting in a theatre production, ‘Karmnishtha’, a dialogue between Krishna and Arjun on the battlefield, with his guide and friend, Dilip Shankar in 2011.

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