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Green Hub - Royal Enfield Responsible Tourism Fellowship

The Green Hub - Royal Enfield Responsible Tourism Fellowship was initiated in 2022, with the vision of supporting responsible travel in Northeast India. This 6-month fellowship enables community youth to engage with their natural and cultural heritage and build on sustainable opportunities and livelihoods through responsible tourism in the region.

The fellowship includes training sessions and exposure trips under the guidance of livelihood and responsible tourism experts, who mentor the fellows in creating action plans for possible Responsible Tourism destinations. The program aims to build both socioeconomic well-being and ecological security through youth and community ownership at the local level.

The Green Hub - Royal Enfield Responsible Tourism Fellowship (GH-RE RT Fellowship) is supported by Royal Enfield as a part of its social mission to work holistically towards the protection, regeneration, and resilience of ecosystems in the iconic Himalayan landscape, and engage with communities to build resilience and adapt to the climatic and socio-economic changes that are taking place.
Since its inception in 2022, the Green Hub - Royal Enfield Responsible Tourism Fellowship has a network of 31 fellows across 6 states of Northeast India, representing 15 indigenous communities.
How it works

The Fellowship unfolds over a dynamic 6-month journey where fellows delve into the nuances of responsible tourism and livelihoods through immersive experiences and structured learning:
1. Selection and Enrollment: Talented individuals are chosen to embark on the fellowship, committing to a  transformative 6-month exploration, starting in September every year.
2. Training and Exposure: Fellows engage in a series of intensive training sessions and eye-opening exposure trips led by experts in responsible tourism and livelihoods from various corners of the country.
3. Conceptualization Phase: In the culmination stage, fellows channel their new-found knowledge and creativity towards conceiving responsible tourism projects tailored to specific sites, guided by seasoned mentors.
4. Conclave: In February, fellows present their action plans at the GH-RE RT Conclave and invite support in setting up responsible travel sites across the northeast.
Applications for the 3rd edition of the Green Hub - Royal Enfield Responsible Tourism Fellowship are currently OPEN.

16 youth from across northeast India will be selected for the fellowship this year, which will begin on 1st September 2024.

Apply here:

Deadline: 10th July 2024
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Responsible Tourism Sites

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