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Arjun Rai | Arunachal Pradesh | 2020

Arjun is from Seijosa village of Pakke Kessang district in Arunachal Pradesh. He is a conservation enthusiast, interested in wildlife since his childhood. However to support his family he left home at a very early age, to try his hand at multiple jobs from selling blankets in Manali to working in an auto factory in Delhi NCR. On his return to Seijosa he got a window into the  wildlife world through an opportunity with the Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) as a field assistant for hornbill protection and reforestation. He continues to work in NCF. The youngest in his batch, Arjun  has a lovely smile and plays the ukulele.


Arjun Rai

Chajo Lowang | Arunachal Pradesh | 2020

Chajo is from Borduria village of Tirap district in Arunachal Pradesh and belongs to the Nocte tribe.  She is one of the first women photographers from her area, picking up the skills on her own, covering events and weddings. She also contributed to local news channels. At Green Hub she developed  interest towards documentation of wildlife and traditional knowledge in her area, especially looking at traditional knowledge and biodiversity. She feels strongly about conservation issues and is vocal about it. Chajo wants to work on a book of wildlife photographs from the  forest area near her village.



Dipen Rangmang | Arunachal Pradesh | 2020

Dipen is from Cibi village in Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh and is a Mshmi. He has a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Tamil Nadu, and speaks Tamil quite fluently! Before joining Green Hub, Dipen spent time in his village running a small enterprise from his home,  experimenting with potato and jackfruit chips to support his family’s income. His interest in photography began with his first new phone while in college. Green Hub has instilled in him an interest in conservation and communities. In his own words “...earlier we had no emotion towards an animal, be it a bird, reptile...lets just kill and eat it. Now that has changed.  I don’t think it is right…” Dipen wants to work with the youth in his hometown who struggle with alcohol addiction and substance abuse. What began as an interest in the visual elements of nature, has now grown into a full-fledged tool with which he intends to use for social change. 



Jayshree Borgohain | Assam | 2020

Jayshree is from Sarupathar town in Golaghat district, Assam. She has a degree in Geography from Darrang College. Her interest in filmmaking and photography were borne from her long-time love of painting, for which the visual rules are similar. She has no prior experience in filmmaking but since joining Green Hub, her ambition is to become a documentary filmmaker working on issues of community and wildlife and interactions between the two.



Jahnu Boruah | Assam | 2020

Jahnu is from Rajabari village in Lakhimpur district, Assam. He graduated from Darrang College, Tezpur with a degree in Assamese literature. He dabbled in film and photography during this time. Wedding photography was a part-time job, and street photography a hobby. He has deep interest in traditional knowledge and culture, and its relationship with the environment. During the fellowship he got a chance to film community based weaving project in Assam and Nagaland. That gave him the idea of reviving weaving as a livelihood option in his own village, and he hopes to work towards that, combining it with his love for capturing images. Jahnu has a quiet personality but speaks beautifully through his camera. 



Josi Kaipeng | Tripura | 2020

Joshi is from Binando village in South Gomati district of Tripura and belongs to the Kaipeng tribe, which is a sub tribe of  the Halam community. He is the first fellow from Tripura in Green Hub. Joshi is interested in documentation of the diverse cultures in the northeast region. He is also keen to tell stories of his own Kaipeng community, and wants to open a studio in his own village. Joshi has an endearing  and grounded personality, and loves football. 



Khandu Thungon | Arunachal Pradesh | 2020

Khandu is from Shergaon in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh and belongs to the  Sherdukpen community. He has a B.Sc. in Agriculture from Dehradun University and worked as a Health Counsellor for the State Health Department for three years. However, his passion remained in photography and filmmaking, the focus being on cultural documentation. This was driven by what he calls the erosion of traditional practices that he witnessed back home. He intends to use the training in Green Hub to pursue this. 



Khushi Begum | Assam | 2020

Khushi is from Dhekiajuli, Sonitpur district, Assam. She holds a B.A. and B. Com degree and worked for a few years as a teacher, then in a bank, and finally in  an NGOs which helped shape her priorities. She learnt of Green Hub through Muslim Women’s Federation and intends to continue her work with them using storytelling and videography. Khushi is keen to work with her community,  especially empowerment of women and children through education. Khushi is a great cook  and has an open offer at Green Hub to run her canteen. 



Mastanga | Mizoram | 2020

Mastanga is from Dampareng Pui village of Mamit district in Mizoram. He is a farmer, mostly practicing shifting cultivation( Jhum cultivation) in his village. He learnt about Green Hub from one of  earlier fellows who works in the forest patrolling team and appeared on television. He feels passionately about the biodiversity in his region and the lack of awareness about sustainable farming among the people of his village. He wants to use what he has learnt at Green Hub to raise awareness amongst his people, who still hunt many endangered and rare species. He is not sure how this will be possible without support but believes firmly that he must catalyse a change back home. Mastanga has a lovely personality, warm and spirited with a knack for making people laugh.



Nongmaithen Rocky Meitei | Manipur | 2020

Rocky is from Yumnam Khunou village from East Imphal district in Manipur. He has an M.Sc. in Applied Geology and has worked both in Delhi and Manipur. He has keen interest in  photography and is an executive member of the Manipur Photography Club. Before joining Green Hub Rocky also tried his hand at travel blogs. He is interested in learning more about the biodiversity, traditions and cultures of the Northeast of India. Rocky enjoys editing the most, and hopes to follow his passion of making effective documentaries. 



Rajen Tachang | Arunachal Pradesh | 2020

Rajen is from Seijosa village of Pakke Kessang district in Arunachal Pradesh and belongs to the Nyshi tribe. He graduated with a civil engineering degree from SITM College in Guwahati and has worked as a surveyor for the PWD. Rajen is passionate about working with his community, especially the youth in his area, for conservation and livelihood. Illegal logging and hunting of wildlife is a key concern in his village. He formed the Green Lyfe Foundation to work on these issues. He joined Green Hub to learn video documentation and photography, as well as build his capacity for working towards conservation action. Rajen is self driven,has initiative and the potential to develop into a conservation leader. 



Rangjalu Basumatry | Assam | 2020

Rangjalu is from the Bodo community of Ranapani village of Baksa district in Assam. He has a B.A. in Political Science and works with Manas Maozigendri Ecotourism Agency as a guide and field-assistant. Alongside this he has a fledgling career in modelling and acting from where he first gained an interest in photography and videography.  This combined with his interest in the native wildlife of his region compelled him to join Green Hub. Rangjalu’s dream is to travel the world with his camera, making films.  He also plays the flute. 


Rinku Moni.JPG

Rinku Moni Das | Assam | 2020

Rinku is from Sanpara village of Kamrup district of Assam. He graduated with a B.A. from Guwahati University. He is a trained mountaineer and trekker and that remains his passion. As an instructor and guide, his work has taken him to various high-altitude landscapes in the Himalayas, where he developed an interest in photographing wildlife, landscapes and biodiversity. Through Green Hub he wants to combine his mountaineering skills with video and photo documentation of high altitude landscapes. Rinku has a dependable personality and is a good team leader in the field, making sure every one is okay. 



Santhosh Panth | Sikkim | 2020

Santhosh is from Rumtek village in Sikkim. Before joining the Green Hub Fellowship, he worked as a field inspector for the department of social justice and empowerment under the central government in his home state . He runs Wandering Monk, a tours-and-travel agency based in Sikkim. While he was at Sikkim University, he volunteered with Zero Waste Himalaya and WWF and that’s where his engagement with wildlife and conservation began. Santhosh’s passion has always been wildlife photography. Santosh is a fitness freak, and with great talent for dancing as well as sketching. 



H. Sara Khongsai | Meghalaya | 2020

Sara is from Churachandpur district of Manipur. She graduated with a Master’s in Social Work from TISS Guwahati in 2017. After her graduation, she was part of the Milaap Fellowship in Kolkata where she worked on a microfinance project to understand the lives of economically weaker sections in rural Bengal. Sara had her first experience of studying biodiversity and conservation during her undergrad and has been interested in both ever since. Although she lacked any formal training she has always been interested in photography, pursuing it with whatever chances she got via college events. At Green Hub, she enjoys field work and is happiest when outdoors with a camera in hand.  Sara has a good eye for videography and editing, and wants to explore if she can combine that with further studies focussing on traditional knowledge. She is a natural with football and likes playing the keyboard. 



Seela Lepcha | Sikkim | 2020

Seela is from Supthang village of Pakyong district of Sikkim. She has completed her schooling and B.A. in English Honours through distance learning from IGNOU. She has always been interested in photography, spending her time clicking butterflies and flowers whenever  possible. Green Hub Fellowshipwas the perfect  opportunity for her to develop her interest. During her fellowship she also realised the importance of documenting her own community , the Lepchas and learn more about them. She is hoping to work with one of the villages in North Sikkim documenting the Lepcha’s traditional knowledge as well other conservation based activities. Seela wants to become a wildlife filmmaker eventually. She loves her music and plays the guitar, and hopes to combine this with her filmmaking.



Shethong | Nagaland | 2020

Shethong is from Salomi Village in Kiphre District of Nagaland. He is a Yimchunger. He lost his father when he was very young, and grew up with his mother and two younger sisters. Shethong is part of the village Students Union. He is very passionate about forest and nature, and wants to learn as much as he can about it. Shethong was the surprise of the batch. He had only used his phone for taking some photographs before joining Green Hub. 
With his natural talent and hard work he picked up pretty soon. Shethong filmed both in  Changlangshu village in Mon district and villages of Zuhnebutu district in Nagaland during his fellowship. Shethong pushes himself to get the best shots possible and has a good mind for storytelling.



Taju Miso | Arunachal Pradesh | 2020

Taju is from Hunli village of Lower Dibang district in Arunachal Pradesh and belongs to the Idu Mishmi community. He finished 11th grade and stayed on in his village to take courses in birdwatching, climbing, rappelling and bouldering. His interest in filmmaking grows from a longstanding passion for photography and wildlife, which he intends to channel into his work going forward from Green Hub. Taju is always most comfortable filming in the forest for long hours. Some of his best memories of the wild are with his mother who taught him the intricacies of the jungle. Taju is a keen sportsperson and also has a natural flare for acting. 



Thejaviko Chase | Nagaland | 2020

Thejaviko is from Kohima, Nagaland, and did his  masters in archaeology. Right from his childhood he had a passion for the animal world, and with insects topping the list. At Green Hub he worked on a project with ATREE, documenting insects as bio-resource and traditional knowledge of communities related to that. His film ‘ Rearing Giants’ was the
winner in the emerging filmmakers category ( natural history ) at Nature In Focus 2020. 
He wants to combine wildlife conservation work with documentation of  customs and traditions of people, much of which is disappearing. He wants to pursue wildlife filmmaking and make films that raise awareness about the natural world, and make people appreciate it. Theja also loves travelling and  trekking.



Veronica Teronpi | Assam | 2020

Veronica is  a Dimasa and from  Umrangso village of Dima Hasao district, Assam. She is passionate about her community. She wants to use film as a means to raise awareness about the biodiversity of this  lesser-known landscape and help in altering perceptions around traditional forest-dependent practices. In a changing socio-dynamic - where traditional practices now threatened by new legislation and a changing power regime, she also wants to educate her community about the pitfalls of their practices such as hunting and raise awareness about conservation. She has been involved in voluntary work through the United Metalheads , where she dabbled in music-making and adventure tourism. Veronica has a strong voice and has the potential to become a community youth spokesperson for conservation action and social change. 


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